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Donny Uher

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10/01/09 10:52 PM #1    

Janice Rasmusson (Norman)

All I can say is, "Wow!" Just seeing Donny's picture again took me back in time to see that quiet, shy guy (at least around the girls!). Very nice fellow that had a lot going for him!

10/10/09 11:22 PM #2    

Chris Osowski

I agree, thanks for including him. He was a great friend and deserves to be remembered.

11/10/09 03:28 PM #3    

Roxanne Hinkle

Heres where Donny fit into my life, back then, he played hockey i was a cheerleader, one game outside he hit a puck so hard it flew up up and over the fence and straight at me, it hit my bottom as i swung around, . that was the day the hockey player and cheerleader met , for the first time.I fell head over heels with this quiet , gentle sweet person, we held hands remember us, ? walking around the halls , and both of us were so proud. we talked on the phone for hours, it was hard when we had to say good by before he got on that plane, he said he would miss me, i did not know at that time just how much of an impact he had on me, until he was killed, My Guy Donny has always always been in my heart, even after all these years, i want everyone to know just how wonderful he was, i think of how my life would be today if he was still here, i miss him immensely.

11/10/09 03:29 PM #4    

Roxanne Hinkle

Thankyou for posting a picture of Donny and remembering him , and our other friends who past to soon, God bless you

11/11/09 12:03 PM #5    

Chris Osowski

I used to envy him being able to do all that cool flying and hunting with Corwin and Gordy and his brothers. I loved to hear his stories of their adventures. It was a tragic loss, but such a great life they led. I'll never forget that morning Mom and Dad woke me at 4am to break the news to me. I began my flying lessons that year with the same fellow who taught Corwin, it seemed a good way to get beyond the loss and the fears. I still remember the two of them on those quiet winter flights when my mind wanders among the happy and sometimes sad moments of our lives.

11/24/09 07:34 AM #6    

Roxanne Hinkle

so very true, Chris, and said nicely,
I to began flying that year, hanggliding actually, and i had my share of trying times , flight seemed to be the way to quiet my soul, and i pushed myself hard after Donny was killed , he was my chance , at that special , love, i never have felt again for anyone after that, the way i did with Donny , that quiet shy , young sweet soul, , could talk for hours on the phone at night , Gosh the memories flood in , I have to go , i feel an overwhelming rush of emotion. I miss our best friends, all of them , Thankyou Chris for the memories you write, I look forward to seeing you at the reunion . blessings , Roxanne

01/08/11 01:05 PM #7    

Roxanne Hinkle

Another year has passed us by and another is upon us, I will never forget my Donny Uher, OUR Donny   he made me smile and when he passed i cried, i still do once in awhile, but i know he is in Gods hands, and someday we may all get to meet again.  And that is why i live the best i can and do the best i can so i may be worthy when my time comes.....

02/02/12 09:07 AM #8    

Roxanne Hinkle

Its been awhile Donnie since ive stopped in..I think of you all the time still even after 35 years Time is just a drop in a bucket ..Ive survived alot of challenges in life youd be proud of me..Remember ou talks talk and laugh for hours..when you held my hand It felt comfortable like a glove and I were so good together back then..We thought we would conquer the worldHow much i remember after all these were taken so quickly and i never said goodbye..You know ive never had a long relationship with anyone ..noone has been comfortable..not since you my darlin..Im sure i must sound crazy to anyone who reads this but i dont care ..Someday I will see you again comfortable sweet young love...I miss you Roxi

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