In Memory

Mark Johnson

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09/10/09 05:50 PM #1    

Roxanne Hinkle

I had Known Mark since i was 3 and we got into so much trouble as children, From Bee stings to motorcycle wrecks and bad spin the bottles with Rusty Holland and Sheryl Ringus we were free back then and so full of life and boundless energy ,Who would of thought that i would be here today without my friend ,growing old and having grandbabies unable to share the simplist of days.
Mark is ,has been and will always always be part of my life . and Wade my other "Brother as well.SO HERES TO MARK and WADE JOHNSON ILOVE YOU AND NEVER STOPPED.
Until i see you again, miss you my friend

11/03/09 07:03 AM #2    

Chris Osowski

I wont forget the weekend cruises up to king mountain with Mark, Chuck and Ron (back when you could fill a motorcycle up for 5 bucks, remember the days?)

And I remember all the time on the ice with Mark and you guys. My family likes to watch the video "Miracle". I remember watching that last game with most of the team over at my folks house... I think of Mark and a lot of you when I see that video with my kids. "Olympians" of a different sort... It was good to skate with you guys.

11/13/09 11:55 AM #3    

Jim Kane

Mark was a good friend of mine, especially throughout elementary school. I remember the daily trips to Marks house after school, helping him with his daily chores and then finding some way to get in trouble, like when I help him shovel snow and was struck between the eyes with his shovel. He was so scared and concerned for me.
I remember on the way to school we would pick up Roxanne Hinkle and watch her prepare her lunch before we left. I don't think I have ever seen someone use that much mustard in my life. I have to many stories about Mark to convey on this page but the one thing that I remember most about Mark was his love of adventure and his genuine friendship that he showed to me and everyone he came in contact with. I missed him when he passed and miss him now!

10/29/10 02:30 PM #4    

Roxanne Hinkle

Gosh Mark here i am writing you again, feeling your absence as we head into another new year,  another class reunion gone and friends that gathered are home again, leading there lives , and i always come back to thoughts of you,  our antics as children, the wasp nest we fell into, that was the day we found i was allergic to bees, and wade my sister cathy and you  chasing me because i stole the one bike we used and was heading to eagle river elementary to play on the monkey bars, i remember when i had  trouble at home, which you knew was always , i remeber how you held my hand and would walk me the long way home so i was safe,   Darkness was not my friend , and only you knew that .  I miss you so much , and i am trying to be in gods grace so i can see you again, i want you to meet my children and mostly i want to see your face , that sweet face...i still am afraid of the dark even though i became that soldier you were so proud of, you died while i was in germany and i couldn't make it home to be with your family, that was so hard , one of the hardest things i had to do...

But My best friend , i am better for having had you in my life..i was blessed to have been raised around such fine people, from the time i was 4 years old, we were a team and even as we grew into the teen years and had other friends and our lives were not as close, you still called and we still talked for hours , we were family, you and i     i miss you  

01/08/11 01:15 PM #5    

Roxanne Hinkle

Hey my Old friend, I am writing to let you know i miss your face, what fun we would be having sharing all our life stories, but someday when my time comes and God willing i will see you and brother Wade, because were family and family sticks together,  i miss you and another year has passed, so one year closer to seeing you again,  tell the rest of the crew i love everyone....miss you so always Roxanne

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